Friday, February 4, 2011

The Future of the Titans Franchise

In regards to the Titans what are your thoughts:
1. What Cantidate would you like to see be the next head coach?
2. What should the titans do with their 8th overall pick in this years NFL Draft?

These questions are here to promote debate and discussion so feel free to post as many times as you would like.


  1. Let me get the discussion started...

    I believe that this is a true defining point for the Titans Franchise. Being that the titans are a small market team the decisions that we make about our quarterback and especially our head coach will decide whether we will remain contenders or fall to a franchise in limbo. The Brass of the franchise owes it to the fans to pick a head coach that they believe will improve the team as a whole. From the five names that are being discussed as the finalists i see one name that stands out. Gregg Williams who was the Titans defensive coordinator before the Schwartz era has been proven to be a winner in this league. He took a dismal Saints defense and helped turn them into a Super Bowl Winning and NFC leading defensive unit. He is a proven winner and a defensive minded coach that could bring the hard nosed defensive attitude back to the Titans. This could be our salvation and in my opinion is the right direction for a franchise that needs inspiration.

    Secondly in regards to the Titans 8th overall pick in this years NFL Draft I believe we must go in one of two directions. The first option is we take the big name first round quarterback such as Gabbart, Locker, Mallett and even Cam Newton obviously but that is also a huge gamble when you have such a high pick in the draft. A month ago i would have agreed with the decision to draft one of these names, however with the departure of Jeff Fisher i believe we need leadership and experience over anything else. I now think that it would be wise to take a proven Defensive player such as a Von Miller (LB) or Prince Amukamara (CB) so that their impact could be immediate on a defense that has struggled mightally over the last couple of years. In regards to a quarterback I believe with the talent already on our offense if we can make the move to bring in a proven veteran such as a Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton we could be a competitive franchise as early as next season.

    Now I am interested in what you think.

  2. I think the titans need to either go with a big name Gruden or Cower or Perry Fewell who I believe will bring a focused defensive intensity and get us away from the non-productive "thug" mentality that exists today. We are undisciplined , can't stop third down, and seem to just want to make the big "hit" even though it's 30 yards down the field. Every thing I read says Fewell is ready and we need some new blood.

    As far as draft picks, I want Farley. We are just like the Tennessee Vols. we need "beef" and the VOLS went and fixed that issue now the Titan's need to do the same. If you look at the elite teams they all have these type of people and we have runts that just get pushed around.

    Quarterback- go for Kolb or Kyle Orten

  3. I haven't been following the potential new head coaching situation very closely this week. I think that I was still a little bit frustrated and annoyed with how the Fisher situation went down. I tend to agree with Justin on his pick of Gregg Williams. I also have heard good things about Munchak. The problem is that I really don't trust or have much faith in Bud Adams & those who are in the driver's seat regarding this decision. Hopefully they will make the right decision, but I'm not sure we'll see what the true damage is until the start of next season. I am not a fair weather fan -- and I do love the Titans, but this weekend I'm focusing on rooting for the Packers.

    I am also not as educated on the draft decision, but again I tend to agree with Justin in that I think we need a strong defensive force. We really missed the energy of Haynesworth & Keith Bulluck from a few years ago. We definitely need a quarterback -- and while a lot of UT fans may kill me for saying this -- I would love to see Tim Tebow wearing a Titans jersey! I LOVE his leadership & I think he could possibly be a new sort of Steve McNair type player.