Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to Roundtable Sports NOW!

HELLO and welcome to Roundtable sports NOW!  This blog has been created for the everyday sports fan! It is a place to connect and as a sports fan to discuss the issues that are important to you.  We will narrow down to the specifics and your opinions and thoughts will be explored.  Bring to the table the sports issues of today and let's get started!


  1. Tennessee Basketball-does Pearl make that much a difference in whether Tennessee can win the SEC East?

    Tennessee Football- Did Dooley get the type of recruiting class to move Tennessee into the upper tier of the league?

  2. Pearl makes the biggest difference, when he is on the bench he exerts an energy that many coaches don't possess, with his competitiveness and motivating attitude he is the X-factor in my mind to Tennessee's success.

    I become more a fan of dooley every time i hear news of what he is doing, depending on who you ask he got a top-ten to top-fifteen recruiting class in a very competitive SEC recruiting pool, in my opinion he has the Vols moving in the right direction and i think we will see the fruits of that within the next two seasons